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Disney Storybits 30
Mickey cautiously opened the door to his bedchambers, wincing as he heard it creak open, knowing how sensitive noises were to those of the hungover. Indeed, as he poked his head in, he could see Minnie squirming on the bed, covering her ears with her hands as best she could. Her hair was absolute mess, her fancy blue dress was wrinkled beyond belief, and the moans she emitted could have just as easily come from a banshee. It was not a pretty picture… at least, it wasn't to anyone who wasn't madly in love with her. As such, Mickey though she was very pretty, as always.
"How're ye feelin', lass?" He asked quietly, although the answer was obvious. He entered the room, bucket of cold water in one hand, an already wet dishrag in the other, stopping at the side of the bed.
"Terrible." Her voice was muffled, face buried in the pillows. "My head hurts, my stomach hurts, I'm thirsty but I don't want to drink, I'm hungry but I
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Mouse from Space - Chapter 16
Mouse from Space – Chapter 16.
Not many people had the luxury in Sunny Oak to have a fancy manor up in the best part of the whole county. The McDucks were the exception. Thanks to their rich uncle, the duck triplets had no limit to their greedy, eager desires and could get everything they wanted no matter the price. But no despite the money, there was one thing they couldn't get... until now.
Their car's wheels grated on the gravel road as they stopped in front of their manor. Dewey stopped the engine and hopped out the sports car, followed by his brothers. Louie carried a small frame in his arms. The males laughed and hallooed as they entered the fancy building.
“Hahaha! We did it!” cackled Huey and gave Dewey a high-five.
“I told you my plan would work,” grinned Louie and placed their 'guest' down onto the sofa.
“You're a genius, Louie.” Dewey told him, elbowing the backrest of the couch.
“I know I am!” The duck dulled his chest p
:iconfurgemancs:Furgemancs 12 22
Mouse from space
Mouse from Space
Minnie was a young adult who always had a calm, peaceful life. She lived with her uncle and aunt on a small farm far away from the nearest town. Her parents died when she was very young, and she barely remembered them. But she wasn't sad, her uncle and aunt raised her like she was their own child. Each day Minnie helped around on the farm; she fed the animals, gathered fruits and vegetables from their lush garden, and delivered fresh produce to the town's market with her old truck.
But the town did not appeal to the mouse. The animation, the smog, and it was full of 'beefs' she hated the most. Because she was naturally attractive, many guys tried to flirt with the pretty small girl. But they needed to recognize that this girl was much tougher than they had thought.
There was only one thing she loved doing the most; sitting under the apple tree on the nearest hill, watching the stars and listening the radio with the evening stories. Here she could freely unleash her fan
:iconfurgemancs:Furgemancs 39 20
Mouse from Space - Chapter 04
Mouse from Space – Chapter 04
It seemed that Minnie's hopes, that nobody would notice the alien ship, weren't heard. As she approached to the place of impact, she noticed people wandering around, as well as huge black cars and men in black standing guard before a cordon. She parked her truck and walked up to one of these big black guys.
"Excuse me," she used her cute, innocent voice, "May can I ask what happened here?"
"It's not your concern, little cowgirl. Get lost and play with your pigs." The guard barked rudely.
Minnie's eye twitched at the name. If she could, she would kick him in a place where many men would whine for their mommies. But she forced back her anger and batted her eyes. "Pretty please?"
But the answer was just a deep growl. Minnie sighed and walked away with her hands in her pockets. She walked around, looking for a spot nobody guarded, but did not really find any.
"Seems I need to use some sort of trick..." She frowned and hid in the bushes. She picked up a pe
:iconfurgemancs:Furgemancs 17 3
Disney Storybits 84
Usually at lunchtime, Daisy and Mickey would eat together in order to keep up the appearances that they were dating. That's why Daisy was puzzled as to why Mickey was leaving her waiting at their usual spot. She waited at their table five minutes, and then ten, before deciding he was up to no good. She had a very good idea of why he was skipping out on her, and he was going to be in big trouble for this. Carrying her lunch with her, she stormed off to the theater, and to her lack of surprise, Mickey was waiting at the doors, carefully trying to peer in without being seen.
Inside the theater, Class F was settling in to practice minor scenes in plays. This class was for the worst and newest actors, and if anyone had a chance to move up classes, it was the girl on stage. Minnie was carefully reading her lines over, mouthing along silently in order to get a feel for the words. The teacher also on stage snapped his fingers to
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Disney Storybits 81
A staple of any good witch is to be a good cook as well. Making potions has a lot in common with making a good meal. The ingredients need to be fresh, the work has to be dedicated, and the slightest error could ruin the entire dish. Yet Minnie didn't feel the slightest bit of worry or tension, for she fancied herself not only an excellent cook, but an excellent master of potions. She rather enjoyed making potions, and today was in a merry mood for it, sprinkling in a few more dragon scales as she stirred her giant cauldron. Her smile grew as she watched the liquid change color, and triumphantly waved her ladle in the air. "Perfect! A few more minutes, and it should be finished! It's very important to let these things reach the right temperature." She hopped off of her stool, and poked gently at the kindle beneath the cauldron. "But there's also got to be time for it to cool off. Wouldn't want to burn any tongues!"
:iconhypermegatailsfan:hypermegatailsfan 25 12
from hell to heaven by twisted-wind from hell to heaven :icontwisted-wind:twisted-wind 803 128 I wish I have an Angel by twisted-wind I wish I have an Angel :icontwisted-wind:twisted-wind 513 46 Mickey steampunk pirate by twisted-wind Mickey steampunk pirate :icontwisted-wind:twisted-wind 513 32 Love is... by twisted-wind Love is... :icontwisted-wind:twisted-wind 818 74 Luna rossa- indigo by twisted-wind Luna rossa- indigo :icontwisted-wind:twisted-wind 603 85 the catgroove by twisted-wind the catgroove :icontwisted-wind:twisted-wind 1,705 153 Cirque du Morgue by twisted-wind Cirque du Morgue :icontwisted-wind:twisted-wind 1,140 144 brother help1 by twisted-wind brother help1 :icontwisted-wind:twisted-wind 687 123 prince alien Mickey by twisted-wind prince alien Mickey :icontwisted-wind:twisted-wind 826 110 wrong time for vacation by twisted-wind wrong time for vacation :icontwisted-wind:twisted-wind 440 83



Estuve practicando con el bolígrafo en Sai~ (? Y este es el resultado (?

Bueno, bye (?

Frisk (c) Toby Fox
Dibujo Random (?
¡Hola! (?

He hecho un dibujo random (? ¿Que tal? (Falle en el cabello :'vv -Le pegan (?-)

Bye bye (???
Pues...Hola (?

Vengo con un dibujo medio deforme (? de Frisk de Dancetale~ No se, de la nada me inspire (?

Weno~ Bye bye~(?

Dancetale (c) Tea and Stars


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